Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Netball at Hagley Park . Shania

 Every Friday Linwood ave school has netball. The team goes to Hagley Park . And I have a friend in the team called Sapphire Maynard. She is awesome. 

Writing by blade

I like maths because my teacher gives my hard maths when I like hard maths my teacher is really smart and funny.

Netball at HagleyPark

Every Friday Linwood ave school has a netball team that goes to Hagley Park. I have learned to keep on jumping to block the goal shot . By Sapphire Maynard. 

Writing by Haley

Writing is awesome. I like it because you get to write what ever you like and because I like reading it with my friends you get to us a pen or a pencil and some times you get to draw with your writing. I like it when you can work with a teacher or on your own