Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Eye of the Storm

After watching a short film clip we wrote about the character's adventures. Here are some excerpts from the children's work.

"Dear Family

These may be my last words. I am going far far away. I am going to fly through the storm I am searching for the green light in the sky, legend has it that the green light has an exceptional amount of treasure I’m hoping it’s filled with money so I can bring some back to my lovely family..... " (Rico)

"I am in the dark storm and  on my way to my own world.My world is in the sky ..." (Noah)

"He sat down and watching the green glowing source in the middle of the storm. “The eye..” he told himself. “How beautiful..” he mumbled. He stood up when he saw orange flames. “It has started.” he explained to no one in particular. A few seconds later he heard the rumbling, he felt the intense heat. Then he felt nothing, he heard nothing, saw nothing...." (Keith)

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Have a lovely Easter break everyone.  Be safe and enjoy this time with family and friends.
See you back at school on Wednesday 30th March.